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The Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI), established in 2001, is one of the major annual conferences on algorithms in bioinformatics. WABI 2017 is held on August 21-23 in Boston, MA, as part of ACM-BCB 2017.

For scientific information, please contact the WABI program committee Russell Schwartz (russels at andrew.cmu.edu) or Knut Reinert (knut.reinert at fu-berlin.de). For organisational information, please refer to the ACM-BCB 2017 website.


All research in algorithmic work in bioinformatics, computational biology and systems biology. The emphasis is mainly on discrete algorithms and machine-learning methods that address important problems in molecular biology, that are founded on sound models, that are computationally efficient, and that have been implemented and tested in simulations and on real datasets. The goal is to present recent research results, including significant work-in-progress, and to identify and explore directions of future research.


Original research papers (including significant work-in-progress) or state-of-the-art surveys are solicited in all aspects of algorithms in bioinformatics, computational biology and systems biology - including, but not limited to:

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Previous proceedings of WABI appeared in LNCS/LNBI volumes 2149 (WABI 2001, Aarhus), 2452 (WABI 2002, Rome), 2812 (WABI 2003, Budapest), 3240 (WABI 2004, Bergen), 3692 (WABI 2005, Mallorca), 4175 (WABI 2006, Zurich), 4645 (WABI 2007, Philadelphia), 5251 (WABI 2008, Karlsruhe), 5724 (WABI 2009, Philadelphia), 6293 (WABI 2010, Liverpool), 6833 (WABI 2011, Saarbr├╝cken), 7534 (WABI 2012, Ljubljana), 8126 (WABI 2013, Sophia Antipolis), 8701 (WABI 2014, Wroclaw), 9289 (WABI 2015, Atlanta), and 9838 (WABI 2016, Aarhus).